‘The X Factor’ Rising Stars Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton Talk to In Touch About Their Relationship, Their Experience and What They Really Think of Simon!

The X Factor performers and couple Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton talk to In Touch about their experience on the show.

The X Factor performers and couple Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton talk to In Touch about their experience on the show.

Courtesy of The X Factor

The X Factor’s standout stars and power couple Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton have been together for two years, but on the show’s season 3 premiere on Sept. 11, the rest of the world fell in love with them too.

In Touch caught up with the young lovers, and chatted about their relationship, their experience and Simon Cowell’s often-overlooked soft side!

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Alex and Sierra channeled Britney Spears and performed their own rendition of her hit song “Toxic”; and while Brit may not have been there, there was another judge whose approval they desperately wanted.

When asked who she was most nervous to perform in front of, Sierra said, “definitely Simon” and her boyfriend undoubtedly agreed.

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“100-percent Simon,” Alex added. “Just because he is so straightforward, if he doesn’t like something, he’ll tell you he doesn’t like it in a really witty way.”

Luckily, the hit maker praised their impressive performance! 

“I thought this was going to be quite corny at first when you came out, but actually you’re both good and it’s working,” Simon told them. “I thought it was an incredible version of the song.”

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Not only did they get a highly sought-after compliment from the man himself, but they also explained that they got an infrequent glimpse into Simon’s softer side.

“From the second he opened his mouth while we were onstage for our audition, our impression changed,” Alex said. “You’re always afraid to hear what he’s going to say and when he says nice things you realize that he’s just a guy sitting there telling you what he thinks, and I think that he’s a little more approachable now that we’ve gotten good news from him.”

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Sierra added that he was interacting with fans in the audience—high-fiving and taking pictures with them.

“You don’t really see that side when you’re watching the shows,” she told In Touch. “You just get to see his critiques or his praise, you don’t really get to see that he is just a really nice guy, who is going to be honest and not lead people on.”

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In the latest issue of In Touch Weeklyon stands now—Simon offered readers a rare glimpse at that soft side.   

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been” he told In Touch. “I’m really looking forward to [fatherhood]. My dad was a great influence on me, and I hope I can teach my child some of what he taught me.”

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Having experienced his kinder and more gentle persona firsthand, Alex and Sierra agreed that they think the 53-year-old judge will make a great dad—and there are a few things in particular they hope to see him pass down to his son.

“I hope he dresses the little baby in little v-necks,” Sierra laughed.

Alex added that he hopes Simon “parts [the baby’s] hair in the middle, and draws little chest hair on him.”

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Alex and Sierra have been dating for two years; they first began singing together when Alex—who has been performing around his native Florida for more than 5 years—learned that his girlfriend sang as well.

He would invite her on stage, although she wasn’t always so keen on the idea. “It would take everything to get her up there,” he told In Touch.

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Eventually, she got more and more comfortable performing—and we’re sure earning Simon’s approval didn’t hurt her confidence either!

“He doesn’t have to force me anymore,” Sierra said with a laugh.

Check out Sierra and Alex’s performance below and get more from Simon on fatherhood by checking out the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, on newsstands now!

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