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The Top 10 Red Carpet
Moments of the 65th
Annual Emmy Awards

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There’s never a dull moment when it comes to red carpets—and the 65th Annual Emmy Awards were no exception!

In addition to the incredible fashion, the carpet let us sneak a peek into the lives of television’s biggest stars. Beautiful dresses and candid celebrities—what more can you ask for?

We counted down our top 10 moments from last night’s red carpet!

1. Amy Poehler Interviewing Carrie Underwood

Move Over Ryan Seacrest! As if we didn’t already love the multitalented Amy Poehler already, we got to see her take on a new role as she interviewed Carrie Underwood. She nailed it—of course!

2. Zosia’s Dirty Mouth!

Okay, anyone who watchs Girls knows that nothing—literally—is off limits! It looks like that attitude rubbed off on one of the show’s leading ladies, Zosia Mamet!

“I had a old woman come up to me on the subway and tell me that the faces that I made in the first episode, when the guy is going down on me, she still makes those faces when her husband goes down on her,” she revealed to E!’s Giuliana Rancic. “And then I had to sit next to her on the subway for, like, 10 stops. She kept winking at me.”

3. Matt LeBlanc’s Old Friend Revealed

Matt LeBlanc revealed that one of his competitors, Louis CK, for the night for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series was actually an old friend!

“If Louis (CK) wins I’m going to knock him down and take it!” He told CW’s Live From the Emmys. “We actually went to high school together, we graduated from the same school.”

He added that Louis was “a bit of a stoner”—are you surprised?

4. Sofia Vergara Brings Her Whole (Modern) Family

No seriously—Sofia Vergara brought a ton of family members, and may have had the most impressive entourage there!

5. Will Arnett Pokes Fun at Pal Jason Bateman

Will Arnett is usually supportive of pal Jason Bateman, who was nominated last night, but the funny man brought the jokes when he was asked about his friend.

“This guy is a joke, this Bateman character,” he said. “Honestly, I would vote for him a million times over, if I could. He's such a delight. Not to look at, but he's a delightful... he's marginally talented.”

6. Lena Dunham and Claire Danes Are Besties.

Lena Dunham and Claire Danes revealed their long-time friendship, despite “a very Capulet and Montague”-like rivalry between their networks, HBO and Showtime.

“I'm so excited, because you're my really good friend, and I get to see you now,” Lena gushed. “And it's kind of great being that I never get to see you except on the E! red carpet.”

The two leading ladies joked about their plans to do an independent movie—or a web series—in the future.

7. Aaron Paul Gushes Over Mom

As if we didn’t love Aaron Paul enough, he brought his mom and gushed over how supportive she has been. We’re officially in love.

“She's just so incredible and has always been so supportive,” he said of his mom. “Literally threw me out of the house when I was 17 and was like, good luck.... No, no, no. She always knew I wanted to do this and so I chased after my dreams. She was always there to support me.”

8. Elisabeth Moss Takes a Dig at Miley

Elisabeth Moss didn’t steal Miley’s haircut—and she wants to make sure you know!

"I did it and then Miley Cyrus did it like, literally a week later," she told Giuliana Rancic. "And obviously she is way more famous than I am so then everyone was like, 'It's the Miley Cyrus!'"

9. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Tease the Golden Globes

Tina Fey made our dreams come true—when she teased that she and Amy may be hosting the Golden Globes again!

“We literally said we are going to talk about it tonight,” she said. “We haven't seen each other. She's here, and I'm in New York.”

Our fingers are crossed!

10. Michael Douglas Fanboys Over Jim Parsons

Michael Douglas and Jim Parsons were both big winners tonight—for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, respectively—but our favorite moment was when the two crosses pathed!

“I'm such a fan of yours,” Michael said. When Jim  responded by saying Michael was so kind, the Behind the Candelabra actor replied, “No I’m not.”