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Katie Holmes' show Dead Accounts may not have fared well on Broadway, but she's making a return to the New York stage - sort of. A satirical play called The TomKat Project will be coming to NYC's Fringe Festival after a successful run in Chicago.

The play is a fictionalized account of Tom Cruise and Katie's divorce, with actors playing Tom and Katie as well as their daughter Suri Cruise, Tom's lawyer Bert Fields, and Scientology's head (and Tom's best man) David Miscavige.

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"I wanted to do more than just a sketch comedy show and at that time the divorce was happening," playwright Brandon Ogborn told Fox News.

"Initially the concept of the show was to expose tabloid headlines, and raise the question of what is true and what is not," he said. But soon he became more and more interested in exploring the Scientology aspect of the play. "It’s so dark; you could go down a wormhole."

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So far, neither Tom nor Katie have commented on the play. Katie, who relocated to NYC during the divorce, lives not far from the venue where the show will play.

Tom isn't the only celebrity Scientologist in the public eye these days. Longtime Scientologist Leah Remini recently left the church amid a flurry of controversy after a negative encounter with Miscavige at Tom and Katie's wedding.