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The Skinny on
Celebrity Diets: 6
Easy Tips and Tricks
From the Stars


It’s the New Year, at last! And with the holidays in the past, it’s time to focus on ditching those Ding Dongs and getting back into those skinny jeans that haven’t fit for months.

In Touch recently caught up with some of Hollywood’s hottest stars, like Jennifer Lopez, Kendra Wilkinson and Kristen Bell, who offered up their best advice for sticking to that New Year’s resolution to keep the weight off.

1. Make It Easy To Snack Well

Kelly Ripa: “We don’t keep a lot of junk in the house,” explains Kelly Ripa, 42. Instead of tempting herself with chips or cookies, she says, “We have a big bowl of fresh fruit.”

2. Go Ahead, Cheat!

Sofia Vergara: “If I could, I would have ├ęclairs for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” admits Sofia. “Instead, the 40-year-old bombshell indulges in an almost-daily slice of cake. “I love it. We always have it in the house.”

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3. Party Smarter

Kendra Wilkinson: “Never go to a party hungry,” she says. “I always eat a small meal beforehand so that I won’t have to fill up on appetizers, which are usually fried, stuffed with cheese or full of sugar.”

4. Eat Everything— In Moderation

Jennifer Lopez: “I eat carbs,” admits the 43-year-old. “What I don’t do is overeat. I limit the chocolate chip cookies to one or two.”

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5. Make Exercise a Social Event

Kristen Bell: “Instead of going to the movies, we’ll play Ultimate Frisbee, go hiking with our dogs or ride bikes.”

6. Don’t Be a Slave to The Scale

Kim Catrall: “I have a pair of jeans that fit best when my weight is just right. If they’re tight, I know it’s time to cut back on the desserts and step up the cardio!”