Situation controversial ad

The Situation’s
Controversial New Ad

Splash News; PETA

There’s more to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino than fantastic abs— he’s also an animal rights advocate!

The Jersey Shore star became the newest celebrity to support PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) by appearing in their most recent PSA— an ad that’s turning quite a few heads.

In true Situation fashion, he’s seen shirtless cuddling up with a cat in the campaign poster. What’s so controversial about that? Nothing. But the headline along with the image is rather…um…bold for the organization’s cause.

“By spaying and neutering our pets and making sure to adopt from shelters, we are helping to fight animal homelessness,” the Sitch explains. “If we spay and neuter our animals, it can help solve the overpopulation problem and its core.”

Following in the footsteps of other celebs who’ve supported PETA like Justin Bieber, Paul McCartney and Alicia Silverstone, the Situation’s PSA is definitely one of the more memorable.

What do you think of the Situation’s new PSA: Funny or foul?