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‘The Show With Vinny’
Star Vinny Guadagnino
Talks Dating Ke$ha


He told In Touch he’s a bona fide "mama’s boy," but when it comes to dating, Vinny Guadagnino knows there’s one woman his mom, Paola, would approve of— Ke$ha.

Vinny shared his Staten Island home, where he currently lives with his mom and little sister, with the “C’Mon” singer for an upcoming episode of The Show With Vinny. As it turns out, Vin’s mom is a fan.

“Ke$ha was down-to-earth and she has a lot of money, so she’d support me!” he tells In Touch of his mom’s stance on him dating the wild blonde. “If my mom saw her in glitter pounding Jack Daniel’s, though, she might be like, “Uhhh…”

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But not to worry, Ke$ha. Anyone who steps into Vinny’s home is golden, as far as his mother is concerned.

“We don't really judge like that,” Vinny says. “Everybody that comes to my house, my mom just loves to give them love and stuff. Sometimes I have to yell at her. But she wouldn't care if I got with Ke$ha.”

And even though Ke$ha warmed up to the family by bringing Vinny treats for his dogs, she’d still have some pretty big shoes to fill.

“I do his laundry, I cook for him, I change his sheets— I want him to come home and find everything nice,” Paola admits. “He needs somebody that knows the meaning of respect.”

For more from Vinny on living with his mom, his a-hole status and finding the right girl, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.