Say No To Camel Toe:
The Secret to a
Streamlined Crotch?
Bravo's 'Game of
Crowns' Stars Know!


In turns out there really is a solution to every problem - at least if you're in the pageant business. From denture-wearing toddlers to butt-glue pasting adults, those beauty queens have thought of everything.

And now the ladies of Bravo's Game of Crowns have solved that age-old problem every woman wearing a pair of tight pants dreads - camel toe.

In last night's show - about a group of women in the Mrs. USA-pageant circuit - the Cuchini was introduced, a plastic device worn inside of one's bathing suit to ensure a smooth crotch line on stage, because no one wants to see your lady bits, the women divulge. "Just say no to camel toe," is the Cuchini's motto. Catchy.

There is so much more we could tell you about this genius invention, but we feel, having never worn one, we really aren't qualified to say. Watch the video below and hear it from the camel's - we mean horse's - mouth.