The real reason for
Charlie Sheen's


Charlie Sheen recently said in an interview that he wants a boycott of his ex-wife Denise Richards’ upcoming E! reality series because it will exploit their daughters, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2. Denise says his fury is phony. “This is the first time I’ve publicly commented on one of his attacks, but I need to take a stand at some point,” Denise tells In Touch exclusively. “He’s such an angry person. This court battle wasn’t about our girls on the show, it was him battling me. He wasn’t trying to protect the kids at all.”

Denise says the Two and a Half Men star refused to sign a waiver so he could use it as leverage to change their custody agreement. “But I wouldn’t compromise the protection I already had in place,” she says. Charlie, 42, filed court papers to stop the show — but the judge denied his request. “Charlie was set for victory and had even prepared a statement,” Denise says. “But he lost. So now he wants my show to fail.” Denise, 37, is relieved the show will go on. “I’m looking forward to people meeting the real me,” Denise says. “I just want to start over.”

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