The price is wrong for
Bob Barker


He's retired from The Price Is Right, but the lawsuits are still coming for Bob Barker. The 83-year-old former host of the show has been charged with a harassment suit by former CBS employee Deborah Curling. She alleges that she and other employees were "exposed to sexual and mental harassment, abuse and racial discrimination. Defendant Barker created an atmosphere of terror on the show, as a result of which any employee who complained about the working environment or contradicted Barker was fired." Bob has already faced down two litigations. The first was in 1993 when Price Is Right model Dian Parkinson sued for sexual harassment. After Bob admitted to having an affair with Dian, she dropped the suit in 1995. The second was when another model on the show, Holly Hallstrom, complained she was fired for failing to lose weight. Bob sued her for defamation and she counter-sued, eventually being awarded $3 million.