Governors ball oscars

The Oscars Governor’s
Ball: Broken Down By
the Numbers!


While the Oscars mark the official end of the year’s award shows, it’s the swanky parties after the show that become the cherry on top of a fabulous season— and the famed Governor’s Ball is no exception.
From Octavia Spencer and Meryl Streep to Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, winners, nominees and some of Hollywood’s biggest names have attended the Ball in years past.

For 2013, Wolfgang Puck is preparing a savory meal for the stars, while they wine and dine amongst regal décor and Hollywood’s hottest A-listers.

There’s a whole lot a fancy goin’ on at the Governor’s Ball, and we’re breaking down this star-studded event by the numbers!

What They'll Be Muching On:

4,000 small plates
6,500 wood-fired Oscar-shaped flatbread
3,500 Miso cones

250 pounds of Atlantic Bigeye
1,300 farmed oysters
5 kilos of American farm-raised Caviar

1,450 pounds Maine Lobster

7,500 U.S. shrimp

6,000 pieces taro root mini taco shells

6,500 cherry tomatoes

10 pounds of black winter truffles

1,500 baby beets

200 rose petals

10 bushels of heirloom apples

10 flats of Pudwill Farms market berries
800 pounds of L'Etoile du Nord bittersweet chocolate

25 pounds of edible gold dust

5,000 mini chocolate Oscars
What They'll Be Sipping On:

12,000 glasses
1,000 bottles of Moët & Chandon Champagne

What They'll Be Seeing:

400 pairs of gold 3D glasses

500 ring lights
2,120 yards of fabric for 476 pieces of custom-made furniture and 315 pillows

1,400 strands of Swarovski crystals

Who's Attending:

1500 guests

950 staff

350 culinary staff

Whether celebrating a win or nursing a bruised ego, this year’s Governor’s Ball is guaranteed to be a good time…and a very large one at that!