Taylor swift lies

The Many Fibs of
Taylor Swift: Truths


Taylor Swift is a sucker for fairy tales, so it comes as no surprise that the country singer may be twisting her own reality into something it’s not.

The chart topper has been caught in a string of fibs lately that imply she might be losing track of that fine line between what’s real and what’s...well, not.

On Dating—

She Says: “Since 2010 I have dated exactly two people,” referring to Conor Kennedy, 18, and One Direction singer Harry Styles, 18.

The Truth: In 2011, the country singer was photographed on a dinner date with on-again off-again boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, 32.

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On Splitting From Harry—

She Says: According to Taylor’s source, after their last split Harry texted her “nonstop, like ‘Where are you? Call me. Are you back?’”

The Truth: Harry was photographed in a hot tub partying with pals (and British beauty Hermoine Way) just hours after calling it quits with Taylor.

On Singing About Exes—

She Says: “I’ve never used songwriting as a weapon.”

The Truth: In April’s InStyle UK, Taylor admits to writing songs about her exes— and says it’s “fair game” if they write about her. She’s also confessed that penning breakup anthems helps her “feel better.”

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On Keeping Her Boyfriends in Sight—

She Says: “People say that about me, that I apparently buy houses near every boy I like,” the country singer told Vanity Fair’s April 2013 issue.

The Truth: While she was dating Conor Kennedy, Taylor did, in fact, purchase property near the Kennedy compound in Cape Cod. "It was like a house-flip. A good short-term investment," a source close to Taylor told the magazine.

Taylor better watch out! Sometimes the truth comes back with a vengeance… and she knows all about that.

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