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The King of Harts:
Melissa Joan Hart's
Baby Son Tucker Wears
a Crown (PHOTO)

Twitter; Splash

Melissa Joan Hart is raising a wild thing!

The Melissa and Joey star posted a new photo of her 4-month-old baby, Tucker, wearing a mini-crown on his head... and her tiny tot just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

“Found Max from Where the Wild Things Are in my kitchen this am. #goodmorning #king,” she wrote with the super-cute pic.

PHOTO: Up Close with Baby Tucker

Tucker, in all of his regal glory, looks right into the camera as if he’s ready to take on the world— just like the main character, Max, from the popular children’s book.

But this isn’t the first time the actress has shown off her little man since his birth in September. In November, the actress posted an equally-as-sweet snapshot of her third son, titled “Baby boy!” and in December, she gifted a friend a precious pic of her little man as a birthday present.

PHOTO: Melissa Joan Hart Gifts Birthday Girl with Pic of Tucker

“I would have seven babies if I didn’t have to be pregnant!” Melissa has admitted of her life as a mom. “Everyone told me that three was going to be really, really hard, but so far, I’m just really enjoying it!”