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Farewell, HIMYM!: The
Internet’s Best
Reactions to the
Series Finale of ‘How
I Met Your Mother’

Last night, after nine long seasons, How I Met Your Mother came to an end.

In the series finale, we learned not only how Ted Mosby met his future wife, but also what happens when you mess with HIMYM’s passionate fanbase!

As demonstrated by the Internet’s reaction, most fans found the much-anticipated series finale to be a major disappointment (salutes).

Major Disappointment

While a few dissenting fans were happy with the ending of How I Met Your Mother, most viewers considered it a slap to the face. And let’s just say—we don’t think the Slap Bet Commissioner would approve!

If you’re still having trouble getting over the finale, we suggest you follow Barney Stinson’s guidelines for when he’s sad (“When I’m sad, I stop being sad and instead be awesome instead!”).

WATCH: How I Met Your Mother Bids an Emotional Farewell During PaleyFest

But if that doesn’t work—check out the Internet’s best reactions to the series finale last night!

WARNING – Spoilers ahead!

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