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'The Hunger Games:
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Director Francis
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Pranks and Which Actor
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Francis Lawrence took over directing duties for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and he'll also be directing Mockingjay Parts One and Two. The former music video director (he did Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance and Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River") just did an interview on Reddit, and you don't want to miss all his behind-the-scenes dish on Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and the rest of the team.

On what it was like working with J.Law:

"Jen is awesome. She truly is. She's a great girl, she's really fun, she's really funny, she's very down to earth, she's super-humble and extremely talented and I work with her more than anybody on set because she works pretty much every day, and she never ceases to surprise me with her performance and her choices but never takes herself seriously and she's very endearing because of it."

On the possibility of a blooper reel:

"Jen is always after me for a blooper reel. There would be a lot of funny stuff that would happen before "Action" and after Cut, Jen would always be falling… She is still mad at me that the editors never put together a blooper reel for Catching Fire, but we could probably have a good one for Mockingjay, and we've only been shooting for five weeks."

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On how Sam Claflin beat out other stars to win the role of Finnick:

"To me, Sam has the looks, the beauty, the athleticism, the charm. But why I cast him was his emotional depth. Because I always knew where Finnick was going to go as a character, and what we were going to learn about him as the stories progressed, that drew me to Sam."

On which cast member might win the Hunger Games in real life:

"I would say Josh or Liam. They are both really smart and both very athletic. Liam might have a little more brawn, but Josh is pretty fast and pretty damn smart."

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On the best on-set prank:

"Josh is a great one for pulling pranks. But I think the best one was pulled by Jeffrey Wright who plays Beetee. This was after Jen won her Oscar. Jeffrey got a box from Tiffany & Co. and pretended to give her a present for winning the award, but inside the box was actually a bunch of crickets. And Jen is terrified of pretty much any kind of bug, and so she opened the box thinking Jeffrey had been really sweet and gotten her a piece of jewelry as a congratulatory gift but instead it was a whole mess of crickets!"