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WATCH: The Fight with
Jay-Z Could Help
Solange’s Career

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According to a source close to Solange, fighting Jay Z could be the best thing for her lackluster career!

“It’s been a year since Solange released a single and more than three years since she released a full length album,” the source says. “ Her record sales have been weak, but her upcoming album could actually be a big hit—her first ever!

“The fight made Solange much more of a household name, people in Middle America actually know who she is. Radio stations now will play her new singles because they can discuss the fight with Jay Z and she has actually removed herself from Beyoncé ’s shadow.”

Of course, that’s not to say she hasn’t put a lot of effort in to the album!

“She has been working on the album for over a year, which is very funky and soulful, her team is pushing for a wide release and international promotion while her name is on the cover of magazines and newspapers,” the insider reveals.

“Who knew that a family fight would make everyone want to know more about Beyoncé’s little sister? She could make millions from this.”

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