Catherine giudici sean lowe bachelor

'The Bachelor': Sean
Lowe and Catherine
Giudici’s 6 Sweetest
Moments Together

Splash; ABC

It’s been a Bachelor season full of anticipation and romance, but now that Sean Lowe has given Catherine Giudici the final rose, we’re looking back at the sweetest moments from their journey together.

Here’s to the happily engaged couple:
First Impression:
Sean changed up the rules this season by giving out 12 first impression roses instead of just one— and Catherine got one of them!  During their charming first meeting, Catherine told Sean, “I’m glad it’s you, you’re such a hunk!”  She also invited him to find her inside for a dance! Luckily, he did... and it must have been a memorable one! 
First Kiss:
During their group date in week four, Catherine and Sean shared their first kiss.  “The kiss that I had with him was perfect,” she gushed. “It was short and sweet and just leaving both of us wanting more.”  After that precious moment, Catherine knew “it can only go up from here.”
Overnight Date/ Fantasy Suite:
Catherine and Sean’s overnight date was a big step for the couple.  Once again, Catherine joked around about what a hunk Sean was before opening up about being made fun of in the past for her looks. Sean instantly calmed her nerves: “You are smoking hot,” he said. “I am the lucky one.”  Sigh.  Catherine even went on to say, “I fell in love with Sean today and I want Sean to be my husband.”  It looks like her dream came true!
Meeting the Parents:
Sean’s family is very important to him, so Catherine’s first meeting with them was a big deal. Surprisingly, the sweetest moment from their get together had nothing to do with Sean— it was Sean’s dad that stole the show! “If it’s you that Sean ends up marrying,” he told Catherine, “you will never have a bigger fan than me. I’ll love you like a daughter.” This, of course, made Catherine (and us) tear up! “I can totally see this. It just made sense,” Sean said of Catherine and his family together. We were so happy to see how well they all got along!
Final Date:
The biggest moment for Sean and Catherine came during their very last moment together before the final rose ceremony.  Catherine wanted to make sure Sean knew her true feelings before making his big decision. "I need Sean to understand I see us growing old together," she shared, before finally telling Sean she loved him at the end of their final date.  It was a very special moment and you could tell how much Catherine and Sean cared for each other.
After letting Lindsay go, Sean was presented with a letter from Catherine. America listened as Catherine told Sean how much she loved him and his family, and we watched Sean’s face light up!  When he finally got face-to-face with his final lady, Sean got down on one knee.  After telling Catherine, “I want to spend the rest of my life telling you ‘I love you,’” he proposed.  Of course, she accepted and the amazing new couple rode off into the sunset together atop an elephant!
What were your favorite Sean and Catherine moments? Did yours make our list?