It s friday gif

TGIF!: The 15 Stages
of a Typical Friday


You've been waiting all week, and it's finally Friday!

To celebrate the weekend, we've gathered some GIFs that so perfectly demonstrate the emotional roller coaster that is the Friday workday. Enjoy!

When you first wake up you're like...

Britney GIF

But then you realize it's Friday- almost the weekend!

AnnaSophia Robb Excited GIF

Emma Stone Excited GIF

Aaaand then you get to work and you're all like...

The Office GIF

So you decide to have a cup of coffee to wake yourself up.

Mila Kunis Coffee GIF

Better have a lot of coffee actually...

Taylor Swift Coffee GIF

Ok, now it's time to get some actual work done.

Jim Carrey Typing GIF

Aaaaand then you're back to boredom...

Lindsay Lohan Bored GIF

But then you realize it's finally lunch time! So you're like...

Lunch GIF 2

Lunch GIF

Now you're totally energized! So you send some emails...

Emails GIF

And sit through a totally boring meeting.

Meeting GIF

But then, all of a sudden, you realize it's almost time to leave!

Beyonce GIF

Seriously, this is the best news EVER!

Leo Dancing GIF

So you grab your things and literally dance out the door...

Leaving Work GIF

And you're all like, "Laterrrrrr" because this is the moment you've been waiting for alllll day.

Bradley Cooper GIF

Happy Friday, everyone!

Jonah Hill GIF