Jared leto grocery shopping drag

That’s Dedication!
Jared Leto Went
Grocery Shopping in
Drag to Prep For
‘Dallas Buyers Club’:
7 Other Stars Who
Embraced Extreme
Method Acting


For Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey dropped 38 lbs. His costar, Jared Leto, took it one step further.

Not only did the 30 Seconds to Mars front man shed the weight, but he also fully embraced and adapted to his character—an HIV-positive transgendered woman named Rayon—by cross-dressing in public while working on the film!

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“Yeah, I did [walk the streets in drag] a lot and—as pretty a woman as I thought I made—I didn’t fool anyone,” he told ShortList magazine.

He continued, “I went to the supermarket, mainly to stare at food because I wasn’t eating, and I got lots of looks. Some were just like, ‘Wait, is that… that guy from films? Dressed as a woman?’ But I also got a look that was like, ‘I don’t know who or what that is, but I don’t f*cking like it.’ A judgment, a condemnation.”

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Wow! You have to respect someone who is seriously dedicated to their craft! Although, it definitely paid off… Jared revealed that he’s already won more than 30 roles for the part!

Jared isn’t the first star to take it to the next level to prepare for a role… check out these seven stars!


Natalie PortmanThe Black Swan

To prepare for the role that ultimately earned her an Oscar, Natalie Portman lost more than 20 lbs and trained extensively as a ballerina.

Jim CarreyMan on the Moon

Before portraying Andy Kaufman, Jim Carey studied the comedian and stayed in character throughout filming.

Daniel Day-LewisLincoln

In order to play the former president, Daniel Day-Lewis had his cast mates refer to him as the “Commander-in-chief” and strictly stayed within the time period.

Heath LedgerThe Dark Knight

To fully adapt into the dark, twisted character of the joker, Heath Ledger isolated himself from society.

Rooney MaraThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara wouldn’t settle for props when it came time to film the role that earned her serious respect—instead she actually pierced her private parts.

Robert De NiroTaxi Drive

In an effort to immerse himself in the culture, Robert De Niro actually got a license to drive a cab and drove around during downtime on set.

Joaquin PhoenixWalk The Line

For the duration of filming, Joaquin Phoenix refused to break character and only responded to “Johnny Cash” on set.