Amber portwood high teen mom

‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber
Portwood’s Shocking
Confession: She Was
High the Entire Time!


Following her release from prison in early November, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has shown signs of being a different woman.

In her first post-prison interview, she exclusively revealed to In Touch that before prison—where she spent more than a year—she “never thought about [her daughter] Leah,” because she was addicted to drugs and didn’t think about anything else.

Now, in a new interview with Dr. Phil—Amber’s first TV interview since her Nov. 4 release—she’s painting a picture of just how bad things were before she was locked up.

Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood’s First Post-Prison Interview!

“Every time you see me on [Teen Mom], I am high, “ she told the television doctor, revealing just how much her substance abuse problem escalated. She continued by saying that the Dr. Phil appearance marked her first time being sober on stage.

Of course, Amber’s world was forced to change her ways in June 2012, when she was sentenced to five years in prison after failing to complete court-mandated rehab.

Amber Portwood Is ‘Rebuilding Her Life’ Following Her Release From Prison

Now that she’s out, and clean, Amber has plans to better herself—not only for her own sake, but also for her daughter’s.

“Prison saved my life,” she told In Touch earlier this month. “And [it] gave me a second chance at being a mother.