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Teen Mom Star Amber
Portwood Out of Prison
Soon, Ex Confirms

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood will soon be a free woman! 

In Touch has spoken with Amber’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Gary Shirley, who confirmed that the 23-year-old will soon be released early from the Indiana prison where she’s been for more than a year.

According to Gary — who spoke to the troubled reality star yesterday, despite their tumultuous relationship —she’ll be out in less than two months.

“The prison is supposed to contact me and let me know when exactly she is getting out,” he tells In Touch.

He added that he got the impression that she’s being held while they process her release.

Since June 2012, Amber has been serving a five-year sentence at Indiana’s Rockville Correctional Facility for charges for drug possession and parole violations; she was sentenced after she failed to complete a court-mandated drug-rehab program.

Gary’s confirmation comes shortly after Amber’s brother, Shawn, tweeted that his sister was going to be out of the prison system soon.

Gary also revealed that Amber’s release means that she’ll be reunited with their daughter Leah, of whom Gary has long had sole custody. He tells In Touch that his ex has had limited access to Leah while she was serving her time.

“I didn’t know while she was in [prison] if I should bring Leah,” Gary tells In Touch. “But I spoke to Dr. Drew and he said I should, so Leah has visited about five times since she’s been in there.”

Last October, Dr. Drew offered an inside look at Amber’s life in the big house in an MTV special called Amber Behind Bars. At the time, Amber admitted that her goal was to be a better mother to Leah.

 “[Leah] needs more,” she said at the time. “I just know that I can be better than I was.”