Teen mom farrah abraham debut album my teenage dream ended

Teen Mom Farrah
Releases Debut Album!


Farrah Abraham’s memoir My Teenage Dream Ended hits shelves today, and those who enjoy the book can pick up the book’s soundtrack — also available today on spotify, Amazon mp3 and iTunes – which is made up of musical summaries of each chapter.

“I wrote these 10 tracks because I felt so strongly about these times and emotions, and I wanted to express it, share it, and help others,” Farrah tells In Touch. “It's one thing to write a book, but it's another thing to express it lyrically with beat and sound vibration. I think that the music will help the readers who are music lovers to connect to my book even more and understand easily what these ten sections in My Teenage Dream Ended were about."

The single mom has shared the second single of her debut album My Teenage Dream Ended Soundtrack titled, “The Phone Call That Changed My Life” – a song that chronicles the moment she found out that Derek, the father of her 3-year-old daughter, Sophia, died in a car accident.

“It was therapeutic,” the Teen Mom star said of recording the song. “The soundtrack goes with the book to highlight the most memorable parts to my teen years.”