Teen mom farrah abraham sex tape

'Teen Mom' Farrah
Abraham Brings Her
4-Year-Old Daughter
and Father to Sex Tape


If you thought Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham couldn’t possibly do anything else to shock the world— think again. 

The 21-year-old, who recently admitted to filming a sex tape with professional porn star, James Deen, headed to the Vivid Entertianment offices on Sunday to negotiate potential offers for her tape, despite the fact that she allegedly intended it to be for her eyes only. 
Oh, and did we mention she brought her father and 4-year-old daughter with her to the negotiations? Yes, you heard that correctly. 
Claiming that she brought her father along “for support,” Farrah told TMZ that “like any businessperson, I need to handle this situation the best way for my future,” and that her dad accompanied her to help out.
Upon exiting the XXX company offices, the reality star clutched the hand of her young child and opened up about the possibility of her tape’s release. 
“I’m just getting a couple different offers from two other companies and I think it’s just smart that I’m hearing what each company has to say,” Farrah said of her negotiation session. “In terms of every field of work that I’ve worked in, I’m always wanting to hear good feedback, whether it’s shows or my book or other things, and I’ve only gotten great feedback about this. That’s why I’m maybe looking into the option of releasing it. If I had heard otherwise, I wouldn’t even be releasing it.”
So what did little Sophia do while Farrah and her father discussed the possible release of what Vivid Entertainment founder, Steve Hirsch, calls her “very explicit” film? 
“She wasn’t in the office,” Steve says of Sophia’s whereabouts during their chat. “I was sure she was outside in the lobby, hanging out, coloring while we were talking.”
It seems Farrah, who initially claimed she wanted her “own personal video made and photos taken" as a memento of her best year yet, is singing a very different tune now that the tape has been surrounded with so much hype. In fact, Farrah is claiming that she'd be willing to sell the tape, but only if it's attached to a hefty price tag — no less than $2 million, to be exact.
Likening her filmed romp to a wedding video, Farrah maintains her stance that the sex tape was originally made for her eyes only.
“I personally hired people to do that, so it’s like a wedding video,” the reality star told a TMZ cameraman. “You expect your wedding to be good, not bad, so I think it’s great and nobody else needs to see it.”
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