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Amber Portwood to
Jenelle Evans: “Prison
Time Could Change Your
Life For the Better”

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Amber Portwood says if she can turn her life around, anyone can! In the new issue of In Touch — on newsstands now — Amber, now clean after a 17-month prison stay, offers some tough-love advice to fellow troubled Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans.

“Jenelle hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. But if her rock bottom is lower than mine, that makes me scared for her,” says Amber, who actually chose prison over rehab and transformed from an addict to teaching an anger-management class and running an addiction recovery program. And Amber believes that Jenelle, who has a lengthy rap sheet, could also benefit from time behind bars as she did. “As scary as it seems,” the 23-year-old says, “it would change her life for the better.”

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Overall, Jenelle’s first order of business is to admit she has a problem. “It’s not like you can wake up one day and be like, ‘Hey, I’m clean,’” Amber tells In Touch, noting that Jenelle’s decision to have another baby despite not having custody of her son, Jace, 4, is proof that she’s deluding herself. “It’s irresponsible and immature. You have one child you need to think about before you have another.”

“[Jenelle] went down the exact same path I did: unplanned pregnancy, addiction and bad relationships, having custody taken away,” Amber tells In Touch. “But it’s never too late for Jenelle to turn her life around."

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