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Teen Mom 3 Star Matt
McCann Trying For
Another Baby Already?


Does Teen Mom 3 star Matt McCann already have baby No.2 on the brain? The reality star tweeted to fiancée Lekota Koch on Monday, “Drop a spoon, baby soon ;)”.

Lekota responded, "He thinks if he drops a spoon, I'll get pregnant but that's not how the old wives tale works.”  The two got engaged in September, after dating for over a year.

Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella’s baby daddy is notorious for his struggles with drug addiction and being a dead-beat dad on the show. Matt has admitted to overdosing on heroin, however he has since cleaned up his image. He’s sober now and was even granted visitation rights to his two-year daughter Arabella.

Back in August, Matt revealed to a fan that he and Lekota don’t use birth control, and said the couple, “wasn’t concerned about having a baby,” but their attitude has clearly changed.

Is the recovering 19 year old really ready for another baby? His soon to be wife seems to think so. Lekota tweeted, "Laughing at @MatthewMMcCann for purposely trying to drop a spoon, multiple times. Hahahah”