Jenelle evans kieffer

REPORT: ‘Teen Mom 2’
Star Jenelle Evans
Slams Her Ex—And Calls
Him the N-Word—In
Shocking Facebook Rant


Somehow, Jenelle Evans still manages to surprise us.

Since getting pregnant, the Teen Mom 2 star has stayed out of trouble legally, but that didn’t keep her from stirring up some drama in her personal life!

According to a new report, the 22-year-old slammed her bad boy ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp while praising her current beau and most recent baby daddy, Nathan Griffith.

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“Let’s see…Personal trainer, football player, college student, completed his 4 year term in the marines, was deployed twice I think but def once, graduated high school from a private school, comes from a great family,” she allegedly wrote in private Facebook messages, describing her current beau.

“Wouldn’t trade him for a n----r like u,” she added, slamming her ex.

Interestingly enough, when she reportedly wrote this vile message to her former flame, her current “personal trainer, football player, college student” boyfriend—with whom she’s expecting a child—was behind bars.

Jenelle did admit her current boyfriend is not without his flaws.

“He might not be as nice as u were to me, but he’s the best f--cking thing that walked into my life. U were what? Playing [Call of Duty] and getting high wasting life…Begged me to come back or u were killing yrself. Well guess what go f--cking kill yrself, cuz nobody would ever care not even yr own mother.”

Despite these aggressive messages, Kieffer still suggested a reunion with his estranged ex, but the reality star refused—and allegedly revealed the real reason she’s staying with Nathan.

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“Yeah but I’m pregnant…” the reality star allegedly told him. “I don’t want to be alone with the baby. Not again, I wanted to do things right this time.”

Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple.

“I have a battle with my head every single day about this whole situation,” she allegedly told him, according to Radar.

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“I’m trying so hard. He hurt me the way I did to u, and I’m sorry I did that. I was so mean to u and well karma came back to me and in a very harsh way.”

She added “Idk wtf to do”—I don’t know what the f--k to do.

What do you think Jenelle should do—rekindle with Kieffer, stay with Nathan or find someone new?