Jenelle evans teen mom baby first pic

He’s Here!: ‘Teen Mom
2’ Star Jenelle Evans
Shares First Picture
of Baby No. 2, Kaiser


Less than one month after his big debut, Jenelle Evans has shared the first pictures of her little bundle of joy Kaiser!

“I’m so blessed to have my little family,” she wrote on Twitter with the picture above, featuring her 4-year-old Jace and her baby daddy Nathan Griffith.

“I love them so much and so happy how far I’ve come within these past two years.”

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Back in January, the Teen Mom 2 star told In Touch about her plans to be a better mother now that she was older—and clean of drugs—and defended her decision to keep Kaiser shortly after having an abortion.

“I panicked — I’d just gotten off heroin, I was very skinny and unhealthy, I wasn’t stable,” she explained to the mag.

“But I hope people will see where I was then and where I am now and why I decided it’s OK to keep this baby.”

And it’s clear that Jenelle has nothing but love for both the boys in her life.

On Twitter and Instagram, she’s made it clear that throughout pregnancy and since giving birth on June 30, she’s made special time for Jace so he doesn’t feel replaced by baby No. 2.

But we have a feeling this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship between the brothers! Check out the amazing collage the 22-year-old shared of Jace the day she brought him home (left) and Kaiser (right)!

Jace and Kaiser

Double the love!