More Baby Mama Drama:
‘Teen Mom 2’ Star
Chelsea Houska’s Baby
Daddy Adam Lind
Arrested AGAIN

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska's baby daddy Adam Lind was arrested, yet again, and sent on over to South Dakota's Minnehaha County Jail Friday evening.

These poor girls just never seem to catch a break.

It's being reported that Adam, who at just 23 has racked up three DUI convictions while also being found guilty of driving without a license or suspended license eight times, was brought in for violating his enrollment in the 24/7 Program, a system that requires repeat DUI offenders to undergo drug and alcohol testing once a day.

“He either didn’t show up for testing or tested positive for alcohol,” said a spokesperson from the Minnehaha County Jail who spoke with Radar Online.

Chelsea Aubree Houska

To make matters worse, Adam is also still dealing with an arrest that happened just this past May for driving with a revoked license, along with another incident in February where he is being charged with several misdemeanors for crashing into an elderly couple's town car.

Chelsea, who is no longer with Adam, has not commented on the situation. The troubled young man was apparently set to spend the weekend with his daughter with Chelsea, 4-year-old Aubree, but will have to miss out on his monthly visit as he is being held without bail until at least Monday.