Justin bieber tattoo trouble

Tattoo Trouble: Justin
Bieber Faces Fine For
Illegal Inking


If anyone’s seen Justin Bieber’s collection of body art, it’s no surprise the singer’s got a penchant for tattoos— but this time, the Biebs took the needle to someone else, and he may have to pay the price.

After Justin got the word “Believe,” a tribute to his album, inked on his arm last summer by celebrity tattoo artist Keith McCurdy a.k.a. Bang Bang, the “Baby” crooner took a turn with the needle and gave the artist a tat of his own— a  muscular mouse with the word “swaggy.”

But the fact that Justin doesn’t have a tattoo license could end up costing him…$2,000 to be exact. For Justin, who’s got more than enough cash to cough up the money for the fine if he needs to, this is just one more bump in the road for the singer who’s had a rough couple of months.

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In a nutshell, here are some of the unfortunate incidents that have landed Biebs in the headlines:

Stage Situation: Justin fainted on stage in London last month, resulting in a hospital visit overseas.

Tardy For the Party: Justin showed up to a different London show two hours late, enraging fans and worrying parents who showed up on time to pick up their children who hadn’t yet left the concert.

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Brawling Biebs: Justin verbally attacked and lunged at a photographer who was hurling insults at the star before bodyguards pulled him away.

Calling Things Off: Justin cancelled a gig in Portugal for no rhyme or reason.

Raging Rant: Justin vented on twitter, bashing the media and his haters for judging his bad behavior.

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Speed Demon: Justin was accused of attacking and spitting on one of his neighbors after the individual approached him for speeding through their neighborhood at over 100 mph.

Monkey Trouble: Justin's new pet monkey was detained in Germany for lack of paperwork. He has one month to pick up the monkey from Munich.

While we’re hoping this ink incident will be Justin’s last, only time will tell if the teen heartthrob will stay out of trouble. Do you think he deserves a fine for his illegal artwork or just a slap on the wrist?