Tara reid tweet sharknado

Tara Reid's
'Sharknado' Twitter
Blunder: Tweet Goes to
the Wrong Person


Tara Reid's latest flick, the TV movie Sharknado, was a huge hit on social media. Although the Syfy channel original movie, where Tara costarred with 90210 alum Ian Ziering, didn't clean up in the ratings, the hilarious name and premise scored thousands of funny tweets.

One problem, though - Tara herself tweeted at a woman whose Twitter handle just so happens to be the name of the movie.

Even though fans of the flick were supposed to use the approved hashtag #Sharknado, 37-year-old Tara - and countless others - tweeted at Elizabeth Wylder, a Chicago woman who signed up for the @sharknado Twitter account as a joke in 2009.

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Wylder is taking the mixup in stride, though. She told ABC News that her amusement at being tweeted by the celeb was "hard to beat."

Tara's costar Ian did manage to jump on the hashtag bandwagon, though, joining in with the huge group of Twitter users who were livetweeting their thoughts about Sharknado.


Both Ian and Tara have embraced the movie's online fandom, and it looks like their senses of humor have won them plenty of new fans.


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