Tanorexic spray tan selfie kurt coleman instagram

“Tanorexic” Social
Media Star Kurt
Coleman Shares “The
Darkest Spray Tan
[He’s] Ever Had!”


“When you have a spray tan, you can do and say whatever you want to whoever you want.”

This is the kind of philosophy that dominates self-proclaimed tanorexic Instagram sensation Kurt Coleman’s life.

And while he takes his spray tanning very seriously, the spray tan-loving star knows how to poke fun at himself, as demonstrated by his silly “Flashback” pic to “the darkest spray tan I’ve ever had” on Instagram.

In the picture, the teen is comparing his natural skin tone to his much darker spray-tanned complexion.

Kurt isn’t shy about sharing his other tanning mishaps, and Instagrammed a picture of his uneven spray tan left by tears running down his face.

“That time I cried after getting a spray tan... WARNING: be careful,” he wrote to his 107,000-plus followers.

The Gold Coast native first rose to fame earlier this year as “The Australian Paris Hilton” and the unrivaled king of selfies on Instagram, but he’s getting ready to make the move to mainstream fame.

Last week, he exclusively confirmed that a reality series was in the works to the Daily Mail, adding he was “in talks” for a television project that he’s “definitely interested” in.