So Touching!:
Superheroes AKA SWAT
Team Members Rappel
Down Children’s
Hospital Colorado—See
Them in Action!


Spider-Man, Batman, Robin and more superheroes made a special surprise in Aurora, Colo., on Thursday. But they weren’t just ordinary people in costumes—they were SWAT team members!

And they stopped by—err, rappelled down—the Children’s Hospital to bring some entertainment to the kids inside.

It all started when cancer survivor Hallie Westell reached out to the Facebook group, The Bucket List Life, after wanting to do something nice for the local kids, who are going through what she went through, in her community.

“These kids are facing all kinds of different challenges, so it’s just great to see them have a moment of happiness. That’s enough for me,” Hallie told NBC 9 News.

The founder of the group then, with the help of SWAT, made her wish come true!

Grab some Kleenex and watch the touching video below.