Dylan sprouse

‘Suite Life of Zack
and Cody’ Star Dylan
Sprouse Working At a
New York Restaurant

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Disney Channel seems to lead its stars to very different places.

While Miley Cyrus—when she’s not twerking, speaking candidly or jumping out of planes—has found home in the headlines, while Suite Life of Zack and Cody star Dylan Sprouse is working as a host in a New York City restaurant.

But the 21-year-old former child star is addressing the rumors: He’s not doing this out of financial desperation.

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“To clear the air (which is admittedly pretty rude), I did not take this job because I ‘lost all my money,’ I am financially secure, and took this job to feed my over bountiful video game addiction,” he explained on his blog.

He explained that taking a job was a way to get out of the house and meet new people, adding that he “[feels] most comfortable when I’m working and doing something, to criticize someone of that is pretty odd.”

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What makes Dylan’s gig even more impressive is that he and twin brother Cole are both students at New York University—and being a student at a competitive school can often feel like a full-time job!

Dylan fans need not fret, though! The aspiring video game designer said that he isn’t necessarily closing the door on his acting career.

“I will potentially return to acting someday, but in nor way do I think any experience is a step down for me,” he said. “But rather a new step in another direction.”