Steven tyler miley cyrus cover

“I Tried to Break Into
Your Room”: Steven
Tyler Attempts to
Leave Note At Miley
Cyrus' Finland Hotel
Room – Watch the
Strange Video!


Now this is just a little weird! Steven Tyler shared a video of himself trying to leave a note under Miley Cyrus’ hotel door—all while impersonating Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd.

In the video – “Room Service in Helsinki” – posted on Saturday, the Aerosmith star is seen outside Miley’s hotel room in Helsinki, Finland.

“Ohhh, I think Miley Cyrus is here. But shhh! She’s very, very sleepy,” the Aerosmith front man says.

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After attempting to pass the note underneath the door and between both doors of her suite, he says, “I can’t seem to get it in her door. Maybe I ought to bang on it.”

Eventually he decides to stick the note in the hotel key card slot...But what exactly was written on the note?!

Steven Tyler Note Miley Cyrus

“Miley, I tried to break into your room. Got arrested. Got deported,” he jokingly writes.

Even though some of his words are unclear, he ends with: “I missed ya. Don’t forget my key next time,” followed by music note symbols and his signature.

It is unknown whether or not the two met up, but Miley did notice the video and retweeted his tweet.

Steven is currently in Stockholm. Meanwhile, Miley is set to perform at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki on Sunday night.

Watch the strange video below and tell us what you think! Note: You must log in to view the footage.