Star Jones Reynolds
wants Rosie… and so
does Donald Trump!


Rosie O’Donnell might be on to something. For more than a year, the former View co-host has been picking fights with people; first was Star Jones Reynolds (because she wouldn’t admit to having had gastric bypass surgery), and then there was Donald Trump (because well, really, who even knows how that got started). But the best part is both TV hosts want Rosie to appear on their respective shows. About having Rosie appear on her Court TV talk show, Star tells Access Hollywood, “I would love to have her sit down and talk current events with me and go toe-to-toe.” Now Donald has joined the fun, extending an offer to the talk-show queen to appear on a celebrity edition of The Apprentice. Why you might ask? Easy, says Donald, “don’t forget her show got the highest ratings in December and January when she and I went at it. If Rosie would like to do it, she would be treated very fairly.” Somehow we have a hard time believing that.