Sofia vergara machete kills poster

Sofia Vergara Wears
Arsenal Bra in Sexy
New 'Machete Kills'
Movie Poster

Sofia Vergara just got even hotter.

A new movie poster has just been released for Machete Kills, where the famous Modern Family actress is seen wearing an artillery bra spewing bullets and fire— in other words, every man’s fantasy.
Sofia, who plays femme fatale Lady Desdemona in the film, can be seen clad in spandex pants and a midriff-baring top underneath the heavy arsenal bra. 
While we may not be used to seeing Sofia, 40, as anything other than feisty mother of two, Gloria Deldago-Pritchet, on the Golden Globe-winning ABC hit, she did a great job ditching her comedic typecast to transform into her new, darker role.
“It was a whirlwind. She was willing to do anything and everything,” filmmaker Robert Rodriguez said of the famous Colombian. “She became this character. It was great fun for everybody.”
Also starring in the sequal to Machete (2010) are Mel Gibson, Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard, and Lady Gaga, who’s also no stranger to undergarment firepower. 
Talk about a star-studded line-up!
Machete Kills hits theatres on September 13. Will you go see Sofia in the anticipated sequel?