Snooki baby lorenzo photo

Snooki Shows Off Her
'Stud Muffin' Baby
Lorenzo In New Photo


Tons of little baby hearts are breaking all over the world.

After giving birth two months ago to baby Lorenzo, Jersey Shore star Snooki can’t get enough of her adorable little man— and neither can we!

PHOTO: Makeup-Free Snooki With Lorenzo

The new mom has been showing off photos of her son since the day he was born, and if it’s possible, he just gets cuter and cuter.

Earlier today, Snooki tweeted a photo of Lorenzo lounging out in sweatpants, looking as precious as ever.

“My stud muffin,” she wrote alongside a split screen of her pride and joy.

The first photo shows Lorenzo bearing a little grin as he looks right at mama Snooks, and the second shows off his more serious side— a sweeter-than-ever baby gaze.

This month, we’ve been obsessed with famous infants— Jack Osbourne’s little girl Pearl, Kristin Cavallari’s son Camden and Hilary Duff’s newborn Luca to name a few— and now little Lorenzo is at the top of our list, too!

Keep the photos coming, new parents... the future playdate possibilities are endless!