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Snooki On Her
Boyfriend Jionni:
“He’ll Be A Great


Attention Gorillas and Juiceheads: Snooki is off the market — again! The reality star brought her boyfriend of 10 months, Jionni LaValle, to an exclusive party to celebrate the Jersey Shore ladies’ cover of YRB Magazine at District 36 in NYC, dispelling any rumors that their relationship was on the rocks, ever since it was revealed that she and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino had a one-night stand.

When we asked how things were going with Jionni, Snooki, 23, smiled and pointed to her attentive boyfriend, “He’s just chilling over there!” Even though the couple seems stronger than ever, it was still hard for Jionni to watch Snooki’s indiscretion play out on TV. “It’s obviously really hard for him to watch the episodes,” Snooki admitted. “He knows that my heart is all for him. That’s it!”

According to Snooki, Jionni doesn’t harbor any ill will toward Mike because he’s above holding grudges. “Honestly, he’s a better person than that,” Snooki added. “He doesn’t give a s***!”

Snooki would love a house filled with little guidos and guidettes in the future, and is positive that Jionni will make an amazing dad. “That’s my goal in life – to have a beautiful family,” Snooki said. “He’ll be a great dad. He’s a great friend and a great boyfriend. He’ll be an awesome dad.”