Matthew mcconaughey skinny body

Skinny Matthew
McConaughey Worries
About Getting His Body


Matthew McConaughey slimmed down the “healthy” way for his role as an AIDS victim in The Dallas Buyer's Club, but the 43-year-old admits he’s worried about putting back on the 38 lbs. he shed and getting his old body back.

“The real health challenge is when you put it back on because it's very easy to create a form of diabetes if you don't do it right,” says Matthew, who originally confessed that he couldn’t wait to bite into a juicy po-boy once filming had concluded. “But I can't just start eating cheeseburgers and ice cream because my body will go into shock and it just won't work."

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But nonetheless, the skinny Texan tells In Touch that he’s felt  “pretty good” throughout the  extreme weight loss process thanks to the help of a doctor who has been working closely with Matthew to monitor his health.

“I'm as healthy as can be,” Matthew assures his fans.  “My blood pressure and my levels have been checked and everything's fine.”