Simpson dad has advice
for Lindsay


During a press conference for the ABC drama Women's Murder Club, for which he is executive producer, Joe Simpson revealed that there were no plans to have either of his daughters, Jessica or Ashlee, guest-star on the series. But he had something to say about Lindsay Lohan to a small group of journalists after the session.

How do you feel about what's happening to Lindsay?
I feel sad for her and for what she is going through. Teenagers become women and become adults and in this fast-paced life everyone struggles.

Is there a way to turn it around, and what would you advise her?
I'd tell her that it's never too late. That's what's beautiful about Hollywood and our dreams, and I think she can definitely come back. She's a wonderful actress with wonderful gifts.

What's the difference between Lindsay and, say Jessica, who have both struggled with fame?
They all make choices, all girls struggle. Both of my girls struggle with their own place — where they are flawed and make errors. We are human. Unfortunately, the whole world watches.

Do you talk to them about it?
Of course we do. We talk all the time. That's one of the reasons we stay close to our girls and try to be there when they need us and be away when they don't.

What's going on with the girls? Is Ashlee getting engaged?
No, please, not today! She's doing good working on her record and Jessica is making a movie. I just flew here from the set; she's in combat boots and a uniform, working.