Show Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Wants Another 4 Years of 'Glee'

Glee 4 years ryan murphy

Kwaku Alston / FOX

Good news, Gleeks!

If it were up to show co-creator Ryan Murphy, your favorite group of singers will be back in all of their quirky glory to serenade you for another four years.

Since Glee’s debut on FOX in May of 2009, we’ve seen pregnancies, car crashes, love triangles and much more, so what’s in store for the close-knit crew over the next several years?

"I've really wanted it to go on, and I wanted to populate it with new people," Ryan says in a recent interview. "We did that this season, and thankfully those kids have popped. It's re-energized the show, and I think the actors are all much happier because nobody is having to work eight days a week and kill themselves."

If the show does goes on, most of the cast members will face either high school or college graduation, so we’re curious to see how show Ryan will keep the momentum going. Will he introduce even more new characters or cut some of the ones we currently know and love?

"I feel like we finally figured out how to make it work, and I think we could get another four years from this show," he admits.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into one of those Saved By The Bell: The College Years situations.


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