Sexy Sibs Step Out— But Who’s Hotter: Jennifer Aniston's Man Justin Theroux or His Bro Sebastian Theroux?

Justin theroux jennifer aniston sebastian theroux


Talk about having good genes! 

Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé, Justin Theroux, stepped out this week alongside his brother, Sebastian Theroux, and we have this to say about them— WOW. 
New photos shows Sebastian, 24, and his engaged brother, 41, wearing nearly identical outfits. Both clad in black hoodies underneath edgy leather jackets, the sexy sibs looked biker-chic while they leisurely strolled along the streets of New York City.
They were even wearing similar jeans! Apparently good looks aren’t the only common denominator between the brothers— there’s no shortage of style in this family.
Rumor has it Justin and his famous fiancée are set to wed in Hawaii in the very near future. Perhaps the Wanderlust actor and his bro are out-and-about preparing for the nuptials? 
We know he’s off the market, but he’s still nice to look at. The real question is: Which Theroux is hotter: Justin or Sebastian?
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