Jeremy meeks hot felon mug shot

“Sexy Felon” Jeremy
Meeks Just Got Offered
a Modeling Contract —
For $30,000!

Stockton PD Facebook

Last week, Blaze Modelz revealed sexy felon Jeremy Meeks could earn up to $30,000 a month working as a model, and now they’re making it happen—by offering him a modeling contract for the same amount!

The former gang member whose mug shot went viral after it was posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page embodies the “gangster” look that’s popular among male models these days, Blaze Modelz explained.

The Wife of Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Isn’t Amused By His Social Media Attention

A tattoo removal company offered him free laser removal service and cash to pay his bail, but the folks over at Blaze Modelz hope he keeps the teardrop tattoo, which signifies his former gang affiliation, because it makes him look “edgier.”

And he better start saving up, as he’s currently being held on $900,000 bail—and it’s unlikely he’s getting out any time soon.

Some creative Twitter users took the liberty of imagining what the future may hold for Jeremy—check it out!

TMZ broke the news of Jeremy’s contract.