Selena gomez taylor swift

Selena Gomez Reveals
What Happens When She
and Taylor Swift
Attend "The Lonely
Girls Club"


Ever wonder what happens when celebrity besties get their hearts broken? “The Lonely Girls Club.”

In a new interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Selena Gomez discusses her life as a newly-single lady, admitting that she and her best friend, Taylor Swift, make up one third of “The Lonely Girls Club.”

So, what is that exactly?

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“Taylor hosts this thing at her house where all of our single friends— which is most of us—get together and we get really bad junk food and she cooks some sort of cake and we play with Meredith [Taylor’s cat],” Selena dishes of their get together.

And then what do they do?

“We just talk about how we’re single!” she says. “It’s really fun!”

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Selena, who split from Justin Bieber earlier this year, is also picking up some pointers from the country crooner when it comes to writing about her relationships gone wrong and transforming them into songs.

“She obviously has her own technique to it,” Selena says of Taylor’s breakup songwriting. “She’s helped me, actually, to give me great advice."

And with hits like "Picture to Burn," "Begin Again," "Back to December," and more, it's safe to say Taylor's as good as they come when it comes to penning tunes about significant others.

"We both experienced the same things at the same time," Selena recently told NYLON Magazine of her best friend. "She just became the person I'd go to for an issue with my family or boyfriend.”

They seem like two peas in a pod to us!