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Selena Gomez Reveals
She Got Relationship
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Perry: 8 Lessons in
Love From Katy's


Selena Gomez may only be 21 years old, but it seems she’s experienced a lifetime of ups and downs when it comes to love—most notably, her on-again-off-again relationship with fellow pop icon, Justin Bieber.

In the March issue of Seventeen Magazine, cover girl Sel opened up about her relationship with Bieber and how the breakup fueled her creative energy for her album.

Additionally, she revealed that when it comes to love advice, she turned to one very famous friend for help—none other than Katy Perry!

“I actually talked to [Katy] about guys who are intimidated by strong girls,” Selena dished.

Um, can you say “best stand-in big sister ever!?”

Selena Gomez: How Breaking Up With Justin Bieber Helped Me Grow

We can only imagine that Katy has a lot to offer, considering she’s been through it all! She can offer tips on anything—from handling a tough breakup (i.e. her rocky divorce from Russell Brand), to the perks of having the perfect man (let’s be honest, we all wish we were dating John Mayer!). 

Unfortunately, we don’t all have Katy’s number on speed dial, but there are still a lot of lessons in love that she can offer from her hit songs!


Lesson: Not a Teen? You Can STILL Have Your Teenage Dream!

Song: Teenage Dream

 Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber just before she hit the big 2-0. Does that mean she missed out on the puppy-dog love of teenagers? Absolutely not! According to Katy, it’s all about the emotion, not about the number!

Lesson: Love Who You Want!

Song: I Kissed a Girl

Katy spread a very important message here: girls can kiss girls! Boys can kiss boys! You can kiss anyone you want (you know, as long as they’re cool with it too). The important lesson here is about being yourself and not to let hatred stop you!

Lesson: Don’t Spend Your Time Dwelling

Song: The One That Got Away

It’s totally okay to think about your past relationships, but don’t waste your time obsessing. Of course, this is a lesson that’s often easier said than done.

Lesson: Nothing Can Stop You!

Song: Roar

Listen girl, you’ve been through a lot—we get it! But guess what? You still have the power to be the strong woman that you’ve always been! Let them hear you ROAR!

Lesson: People Can Be Difficult

Song: Hot N Cold

People are incredibly complex, especially when it comes to relationships. Sometimes, they change seemingly out of nowhere. Don’t waste your energy trying to figure it out.

Lesson: Breakups Can Be Really Hard—And That’s Okay!

Song: Thinking of You

Breakups can be really rough on a person—and you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re feeling all sorts of emotions. It’s okay to feel whatever emotions you feel. And it’s okay to miss your former significant other.

Lesson: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Song: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Sometimes, you just need to let loose! Let your hair and live a little! Life is short, and you should be spending your time living.

Lesson: Love Can Be Really, Really Great

Song: Unconditionally

Love can be incredibly amazing, you just have to hang in there! Everyone has to go through some heartbreak, but if you’re lucky, you may just end up with John Mayer!