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It’s quite possible the palace will be decked out in pink come July.

Kate Middleton, who is pregnant with Prince William's royal baby, may have accidentally revealed the sex of their first-born: a girl— and it’s all caught on video.

PHOTO: Kate Flaunts Baby Bump After Return From Babymoon

While the expecting Dutchess was greeting fans during a visit to National Fishing Heritage in Grimsby on Tuesday, Kate accepted a teddy bear given to her by Diane Burton, saying “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d—“ and quickly stopped speaking mid-statement.

"Did you say my daughter?" an onlooker questioned the Royal, to which she replied laughing, “"Ahhh . . . no, no, no, no. I'm sure, I'm sure. We don't know, so…"

And if it turns out Kate is pregnant with a girl, the Queen’s new decree states that the royal pair’s daughter would be referred to as “Princess” instead of the 96-year-old tradition of calling all daughters “Lady.”

NEWS: The Queen's New "Princess" Rule for Wills and Kate's Baby

Kate and William’s daughter would also have rights to the throne. The Queen’s legal decision is a major step toward removing gender discrimination from the line of succession. If voted into law by Parliament, it will apply to any and all of the couple’s future kids.

Watch the video below to see Kate’s slip-up and let us know if you’re hoping for a royal baby girl or boy!