Jennifer aniston naked were the millers

See Jennifer Aniston
Naked— Almost— in
'We’re The Millers'
Trailer (VIDEO)

At 44-years-old, Jennifer Aniston’s got a body most 25-year-olds would die for — and she flaunts it by getting nearly naked in her new flick, We’re the Millers.

In the just-released trailer for the dark comedy, Jen shows off her toned body in sexy, barely-there lingerie…and then again…and again.
The star plays a stripper who's hired by Jason Sudeikis' character to help smuggle drugs from Mexico to Colorado by mothering a phony family as cover. 
And she gives MILF a whole new meaning.   
In one still, the former Friends star — who's set to wed fiancé Justin Theroux soon — gives fans a glimpse of her goods wearing only a bra and underwear, proving that her strict workouts have paid off.
In another scene, the beauty rocks a long platinum wig and skimpy black lingerie. The 2-minute and 40-second clip also shows Jen in a short black wig as she dances on a stripper pole.
But Jen’s a pro when it comes to baring her bod. In 2006, she starred alongside then boyfriend Vince Vaughn in The Break-Up, where she bared her derriere walking around their house in the buff. Five years later, she got nearly naked in Horrible Bosses, which also starred Sudeikis. The actress seduces one of her character's employees wearing nothing but an open doctor's coat and underwear. 
To see Jen's hot body— and to LOL— check out the We’re the Millers trailer below: