Throwback Thursday!: See 9 Celebs Star in Commercials Before They Made It Big

**Mila Kunis** stars in a Lisa Frank commercial.

Mila Kunis stars in a Lisa Frank commercial.


Celebrities, they're just like us!

Or, at least they used to be.

We're taking a trip down memory lane to show off stars like Mila Kunis, Nick Jonas, Leonardo DiCaprio and more starring in commercials before they were famous!

Scroll down to see your favorite celebs trying to sell you everything from bubblegum to a Porsche!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

At just 14-years-old, JLaw got us excited for all the drama to come in MTV's new season of My Super Sweet 16.

2. Kristen Stewart

We agree, Kristen, riding in Daddy's Porsche is wayyy more fun than taking the bus with the rest of the neighborhood kids.

3. Nick Jonas

Does anyone else totally want to go to Chuck E. Cheese?! Ahh childhood memories.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo, we'd buy anything you're trying to sell us-- especially this bubble gum! Or that rad boombox.

5. Mila Kunis

OMG, what 90s girl didn't LOVE Lisa Frank?! We're obsessed with 13-year-old Mila raving about those awesome stickers and trapper-keepers.

6. Ian Somerhalder

Wait for 10 seconds in you'll see the Vampire Diaries hottie in this Target ad!

7. Ashley Benson

Yep, that little, blonde girl is none other than the PLL and Spring Breakers star!

8. Drew Barrymore

Could she be any cuter?! At just 4-years-old, we're dying over the adorableness of Drew in this Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough ad from the 80s.

9. Brad Pitt

We'll watch Brad sell us Pringles any day. Swoon

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