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Only two lucky ladies are left standing on this season of The Bachelor, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the twenty-four Sean Lowe sent home!

While fans eagerly anticipate the show’s Women Tell All episode this Monday, Mar. 4, In Touch answers some Bachelor burning questions about those who’ve been sent packing…and the special one who won’t have to.
Was Ashley P. For Real? NO! Ashley Palenkas, the Fifty Shades of Grey fanatic, “came on with the sole purpose of creating drama for the premiere episode,” says a source close to the cast. “She was never in it for the long run.” 
Was Leslie Lying? YES! Leslie Hughes, 29, said she was a poker dealer. “But she was an actress,” says the source, “and she kept that from Sean.” Though she was part of a prayer group at the house, Leslie also didn’t mention her 2007 arrest for DUI in Florida. 
Did Desiree Forgive Her Brother? YES! Desiree Hartstock’s brother Nate accused Sean of being an insincere playboy, and Sean was so shaken, he let Desiree go. “He didn’t care about her as much as she did about him,” Nate tells In Touch. Though she was angry at first, “I can’t stay mad at my brother,” she says.
Did Tierra Have a Boyfriend While Filming? NO! Tierra LiCausi “had a guy back home that she had unresolved feelings for,” says a source. But the two reconnected after she was sent home — and Tierra’s sporting an engagement ring.
Did Sean Sneak Away to Palm Springs With His Fiancée? YES! “They met there for a romantic rendezvous on Feb. 23,” says an insider. “They stayed at a private house so no one could find them.” 
For even more on Sean’s final choice and the ladies he left behind, pick up the latest issue of In Touch— on newsstands now, and don’t forget to tune in to ABC at 8 p.m. on Mar. 4 for The Bachelor: Women Tell All.