Scott disick american psycho poster

Scott Disick Reveals
New 'American Psycho'
Promo Poster

Talk about spooky.

Halloween is right around the corner and Scott Disick is getting into the holiday spirit!

Kourtney Kardashian’s man will be hosting an American Psycho-themed Halloween party at 1 Oak in Las Vegas on October 27, and his newly revealed promotional posters for the event are certainly eerie.

Many have called Scott a dead ringer for Patrick Bateman, the banker turned serial killer in the American Psycho horror flick, so it comes as no surprise that Scott looks exactly like Christian Bale’s murderous character in his new poster.

Even the author of the psychological thriller, Bret Easton Ellis, thinks the father of two would be the perfect replacement for Christian if there were ever a movie sequel.

“I have warned Lionsgate that I will not approve a new version of ‘American Psycho’ unless it stars SCOTT DISICK or MILES FISHER,” he wrote on Twitter.

The club's Halloween posters are virtually identical to the promo posters for the 2000 flick, where a knife-yielding Christian Bale gazes violently into the distance.

And you thought your dad was scary!