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Who 'Baywatch' Babe
Carmen Electra
Straddles on National
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Everyone has the hots for Carmen— and we've got the video to prove it!

During a recent visit to Kathy Griffin’s late night talk show on Bravo, the host let viewers in on a confession that involved two of the evening’s guest stars— figure skater, Johnny Weir and former Baywatch babe, Carmen Electra.

“Johnny texted me this week and told me that his husband— before he came out of the closet— had a poster of Carmen over his bed for years, and he said…I believe the quote was, ‘That bitch has been over him more than I have.’”

Johnny, who married Victor Voronov in a civil ceremony on New Years Eve in 2011, continued to elaborate on his hubby’s love for the former Playboy model.

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“About two months before we got married, he came out to everyone and he said his cover girlfriend was Miss. Carmen,” Johnny admitted. “And she laid on top of him every night as he was nuzzling off to sleep.”

Carmen laughed about her cameo in Victor’s bedroom, but the always-hilarious Kathy took things to the next level when she asked the pair to reenact the scene.

The poster girl and Olympian happily obliged and proceeded to get down on the floor where Carmen seductively hovered over Johnny, and well… we can’t ruin it for you. You’ll just have to check out the hilarity of the clip for yourself.

It turns out even Johnny wanted in on the Carmen action! I mean, can you blame him?

Check out the full video of Carmen's seductive reenactment below, and for more fun from Kathy Griffin and her slew of celeb guest stars, be sure to tune into Kathy every Thursday at 11:30 p.m. ET on Bravo.